Accelerating Innovation: Mastering Early Phase Development & Scale- Up for Commercial Success!

Time: 1:01 pm
day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day


The evolution of T-cell receptor (TCR) therapy necessitates a closer examination of critical elements in manufacturing, analytical tools, patient selection strategies, and innovative approaches to address regulatory and reimbursement complexities. This discussion serves as a pivotal forum for insights into streamlining these essential components for wider clinical implementation and enhanced patient outcomes.

This workshop will cover:

  • Streamlining TCR therapy manufacturing processes for scalability, cost-effectiveness, and reproducibility
  • Developing advanced analytical tools and assays to ensure consistent cell quality and potency, meeting evolving regulatory standards
  • Improving strategies for patient selection, treatment optimization, and biomarker identification to enhance clinical outcomes and market adoption
  • Innovating cost-effective manufacturing approaches for personalized TCR therapies, addressing regulatory barriers, and navigating reimbursement complexities for broader clinical implementation