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Continuing the Success of TCR-based Therapies in Solid Tumors

Following the first commercial TCR approval, multiple IND approvals and an abundance of TCR therapies in discovery, the 4th TCR-based Therapies for Solid Tumors Summit provides a unique chance to harness the advances in the field to overcome the hurdles withholding progression of robust and safe TCR cell, bispecific and TCR-like therapies.

Returning with heaps of new data, industry leaders and newcomers will be reuniting for the 4th year to take a deep dive into TCR and target discovery and validation, solid tumor persistence, therapy engineering and safety, whilst focussing on securing clinical validation.

Don’t miss the unrivalled opportunity to connect and collaborate with this exclusive group dedicated to producing the next-generation of treatments to successfully combat solid tumors, including Immunocore, Medigene, Immatics, T-Cypher Bio and many more.

Join Us in 2023 to:

  • Enhance novel target discovery and guarantee tumor-specificity to mitigate cross reactivity with Enara Bio, Gadeta, T-Cypher Bio and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Discover methods to increase therapy persistence and drive durability in the hostile tumor microenvironment with TCR2 Therapeutics, Captain T Cell and 2Seventy Bio
  • Optimize TCR and target screening to validate safety and prevent off-target toxicities with Treadwell Therapeutics, 3T Biosciences and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
  • Explore the range of targeting modalities from cell therapy to bispecifics to TCR-like antibodies with Immatics, T-Cure and CDR-Life
  • Leverage engineering to boost potency and mediate conditional activation with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and T-Knife Therapeutics

“A highly focused conference with presentations of high quality and great networking opportunities”
Senior Scientist, 2SeventyBio