About Event

Why Attend?

This summit stands as the singular event wholly committed to elevating the spotlight on TCR advancements, offering a unique platform for in-depth discussions and insights that the field rightly deserves.

In recent times, the TCR-T therapy space has faced challenges amid shifting market dynamics, regulatory uncertainties, and competitive pressures. However, despite these setbacks, innovative advancements continue to drive interest and potential for resurgence in the future.

With recent groundbreaking developments such as Immunocore’s pioneering commercially approved TCR bispecific product and the monumental $1.6 billion collaboration between Immatics and Moderna, the momentum in the TCR space is palpable.

Additionally, the imminent commercial approval for a TCR-T cell therapy by Adaptimmune heralds an era of unprecedented excitement and promise. As the field steps into the limelight, biopharma’s eager anticipation for positive clinical data underscores the significance of this moment.

The meeting allows participants to benchmark against others by providing a platform for sharing experiences, successes, and challenges in TCR-T therapy development. Through presentations, panel discussions, and networking sessions, attendees gain insights into different approaches, strategies, and outcomes employed by peers and competitors.

What Hot Topics Will Be Discussed?

TCR-based Therapies for Solid Tumors Summit Icon

Showcasing diverse TCR therapy modalities including T-cell therapies, CAR-T, TCR bispecifics, and Antibody-MHC T-cells to enhance treatment efficacy and expand therapeutic options with Imgen Biosciences, Crossbow Therapeutics, Turnstone Therapeutics and CDR Life

TCR-based Therapies for Solid Tumors Summit Icon

Driving precise target identification using novel technologies and platforms to elevate therapeutic efficacy, and revolutionize solid tumor targeting approaches with Annoca, T-Scan, T-Cypher Bio and Regeneron

TCR-based Therapies for Solid Tumors Summit Icon

Optimize TCR therapeutic potency with Etcembly, Engimmune, and ImmunoScape, as they explore AI-designed TCR bispecific, and high-throughput wetlab discoveries using advanced computational methods

TCR-based Therapies for Solid Tumors Summit Icon

Streamline transition into the clinic with efficient regulatory navigation, and advanced trial designs with HRYZ, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine and Affini-T

TCR-based Therapies for Solid Tumors Summit Icon

Unravel innovative approaches for enhancing efficacy in TCR therapy against solid tumors and explore patient-centric perspectives, with Captain T-Cell, T-knife Therapeutics, Zelluna Immunotherapy, Seattle Children's Research Institute, MD Anderson Cancer Center, T-Scan Therapeutics, Tcelltech and DKFZ as they unveil how to bolster T-cell persistence and develop multiplexed TCRS

What’s New This Year?

Two Track Meeting - Integration of R&D and Clinical Development tracks due to increasing TCR-T clinical updates, offering comprehensive insights into advancements and progress in the field.

In-Depth Regulatory Sessions - Specialized sessions dedicated to addressing current regulatory challenges prevalent within the TCR community, providing a deep dive into regulatory landscapes and implications.

Clinical Transition Sessions - Exclusive sessions elucidating the process and strategies for transitioning into the clinic, offering practical guidance on achieving successful transitions within the TCR therapy space.

''Interesting discussions with highly relevant companies in a small group, where I was able to speak to most people that I was interested in speaking to'' – Tscan Therapeutics  - 2023 Speaker