LUMICKS is the world-leader in Dynamic Single-Molecule analysis (“DSM”) and is focused on establishing this breakthrough approach as a standard analytical method in molecular biology and drug discovery. We achieve this through the increasingly rapid adoption by scientific KOLs and publications by early adopters, as well as through our growing pharma customer base. With a complementary and growing product line, LUMICKS is well positioned to capitalize on the market opportunity for this technology across the academic and pharma segments.




Immudex is a life science company spearheading the global adoption of precision immune monitoring. We strive to provide researchers with reliable tools to monitor the cellular immune response. Our goal is to utilize the complex actions and interactions of the immune system to help researchers understand the causes, accelerate the diagnosis and more precisely predict the prognosis of diseases. Immudex markets Dextramer® and dCODE® (DNA-barcoded) MHC multimer technologies that grant researchers insights into disease-specific immunity resolved to antigen-specific cell populations and single cells


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