Conference Day Two

8:25 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Addressing Clinical Challenges to Accelerate the Route to Commercialization

8:30 am Securing Scalable Manufacturing for TCR Therapies to Guarantee Potency In Vivo

  • Kumar Karyampudi Technical Director, Cell Therapy Facility, Moffitt Cancer Center


  • Translating scalable expansion protocol from research to clinical scale
  • Incorporating successful engineering into manufacturing protocol to produce genetically stable products
  • Guaranteeing reproducibility of TCR products to optimize TCR manufacturing

9:00 am Leveraging Biomarkers for Patient Stratification in Clinical Trials & Beyond

  • Andrea Mahr Director, Companion Diagnostics, Immatics GmbH


  • Defining an RNA threshold guided by in-house mass spectrometry data to distinguish target-positive patients for Immatics TCR-based therapeutic drug candidates
  • Development of an RT-qPCR-based biomarker assay (IMADetect®) for patient eligibility testing in clinical trials
  • Clinical experience with IMADetect® and further development

9:30 am VIRTUAL TALK Case Study Spotlight: Sharing Experiences from Commercializing the First TCR Therapy


Hear first-hand experiences and gain insights into the commercialization of the first TCR-based therapy: KIMMTRAK®, a TCR bispecific approved in the US and Europe

10:00 am Morning Refreshment Break & Networking

Expanding Techniques to Drive Durability in the Solid Tumor Microenvironment

11:00 am Evaluating & Utilizing Combinations or Co-Stimulatory Molecules to Boost Therapy Durability


  • Exploring the range of possible combination therapies
  • Administering immune checkpoint inhibitors to accelerate tumor killing
  • Proving chosen combinations are safe to administer to patients

11:30 am Engineering Cells to Armor Against the Hostile Tumor Microenvironment

  • Felix Lorenz Chief Executive & Scientific Officer, Captain T Cell


  • Utilizing good quality cells to increase T-cell fitness in vivo
  • Understanding why durability is limited to recognize engineering potential
  • Equipping T-cells with the ability to persist in the microenvironment

12:00 pm Lunch Break & Networking

1:00 pm Natural Activation of T-Cells Through the TAC Receptor Provides Ideal Characteristics for Adoptive Cell Therapy

  • Paul Lammers President & Chief Executive Officer, Triumvira Immunologics


  • Unique structure and biology of TAC T-cells
  • Deep penetration and activation of TAC T-cells into solid tumors
  • Update on TAC01-HER2 Phase I/II clinical trial in patients with HER2-overexpressing solid tumors

1:30 pm Flipping the Script on the Tumor Microenvironment: Supercharging MAGEA4-Targeting T-Cells to Resist Tumor Immunosuppression


  • We have identified a highly selective and active MAGEA4-directed, HLA-A02-restricted TCR
  • To combat the effects of TGFβ, a potent immunosuppressive factor often coexpressed in MAGEA4+ solid tumors, we have developed CTBR12, a flip receptor that converts TGFβ activity into a proliferative T-cell activation signal
  • Preclinical in vitro and in vivo models demonstrate potent tumor control of our MAGEA4 TCR + CTBR12 development candidate superior to the TCR alone – supporting the clinical development of this novel construct

Boosting TCR Discovery to Maximize Targeting Potential & Power

2:00 pm Systematic Isolation & Characterization of Clinical TCR Candidates


  • Native and optimized TCR frameworks
  • TCR cross-reactivity – insights and practical benchmarks
  • Preventing TCR allo-reactivity

2:30 pm Afternoon Break & Refreshments

3:00 pm Mediating Successful Discovery of ‘Good’ TCRs that will Successfully Translate into the Clinic

  • Shawn Kubli Head, Cell Therapy Division, Treadwell Therapeutics


  • Classifying what a ‘good’ TCR looks like in terms of affinity, cross-reactivity and safety
  • Screening and removing non-specific TCRs to guarantee tumor specificity
  • Advancing technology to increase efficiency of discovery

3:30 pm Combining Best-in-Class TCRs, Next Generation Technologies & Optimal Manufacturing to Mediate Optimal Anti-Tumor Response


  • MyT platformTM, a unique T-cell receptor and unbiased epitope discovery engine
  • Next-generation approaches to engage the broader immune system and promote resistance to the tumor microenvironment
  • Process development that selects for memory phenotype

4:00 pm All-Natural & High-Affinity TCR Enable CD8-Independent Func

  • Gang Zeng President & Chief Executive Officer, T-Cure Bioscience


  • Discovery and validation of 806TCR using proprietary iSORT platform
  • Empower CD4 T helper cells by transducing 806TCR
  • CD8-independence makes 806TCR an excellent candidate for allogeneic and “off the shelf” modalities

4:30 pm Close of Conference Day Two