Conference Day One

8:25 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

8:30 am Industry Leaders’ Fireside Chat: What’s Next for T-Cell Receptor Therapies?


  • Appreciating the wealth of TCR therapy advances and exploring the data to secure clinical validation
  • Examining the range of TCR modalities and their respective targeting benefits
  • Discussing the advances in allogeneic TCR approaches to determine the future directions for TCR therapies

9:30 am Case Study Spotlight: Introducing Innovations at Each Step of TCR Therapy Development


  • Effective, specific and safe antigen identification using an in silico screening program to knock out unwanted epitopes
  • Utilizing a high throughput robotics platform to find donor TCRs for any antigen/ HLA combination
  • Creating enhanced inducible TCR products with precision pairing technology and switch receptors to arm against the tumor microenvironment

Optimizing Tumor-Specific Targeting & Exploring Novel Antigens to Move Beyond Current Targets

10:00 am Revealing Efficient Approaches to Uncover Solid Tumor Specific Targets


  • Advancing target discovery tools and technology to discover effective targets beyond PRAME and MAGE-A4
  • Identifying antigen targets that are specific to solid tumors to prevent off-target toxicity
  • Validating targets and TCRs to maximize therapeutic outcome and overcome risks of cross-reactivity and safety

10:30 am Morning Refreshment Break & Speed Networking

11:30 am Exploiting Gamma Delta TCR Targeting to Enable Safe & Effective Cell Therapies for Solid Tumors


  • γδ TCR are naturally selected, recognize surface targets like antibodies on transformed “stressed” tumor tissue but not healthy tissue and are not HLA dependent
  • Gadeta’s TEG platform (T-cells engineered with a defined γδ TCR) magnifies the potential therapeutic activity of γδ T-cells
  • The talk will highlight Gadeta’s clinical and development programs

12:00 pm Targets & Off-Targets of TCR-based Therapies

  • David Scheinberg Director, Experimental Therapeutics Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


  • Liabilities of TCR-based therapies
  • Methods to identify targets
  • Constructs to overcome hurdles

12:30 pm Targeting Dark Antigens to Ensure Tumor Specificity

  • Joseph Dukes Vice President - Translational Sciences, Enara Bio


  • Utilizing technology to discover solid tumor specific dark matter
  • Assessing dark antigen density on tumor tissue to evaluate targeting potential
  • Ensuring the dark matter is not expressed in healthy tissue to mediate tumor specificity

1:00 pm Lunch Break & Networking

Differentiating TCR Therapy Modalities to Identify & Harness their Unique Advantages

2:00 pm Panel: Comparing the Characteristics of TCR-T Cell Therapies & TCR Bispecifics (& More!) to Reaffirm their Unique Benefits

  • Claudia Wagner Vice President, Immunology, Head of TCR Discovery & Validation, Immatics
  • Leonardo Borras Chief Scientific Officer, CDR-Life
  • Zhen Su Chief Executive Officer, Marengo Therapeutics Inc.
  • Gang Zeng President & Chief Executive Officer, T-Cure Bioscience


  • Comparing relative affinities, potencies and safety considerations of T-cell therapies and bispecifics
  • Assessing indications and patients where each TCR modality could be best suited to treat
  • What other modalities can TCR therapies venture into in the future?

2:45 pm Developing Effective TCR-like Antibody Based T-Cell Engagers for Therapeutics Use


  • Technology enables rapid isolation of selective high affinity antibodies against peptide-MHC complexes
  • Utilizing the M-gager® platform to make highly specific and effective pMHC targeting T-cell engagers
  • Current focus on cancer testis antigens and other highly prevalent cancer targets

3:15 pm Afternoon Break & Refreshments

3:45 pm Advancing Development of TCR-T Cell Therapy Alongside TCR Bispecifics Modalities

  • Claudia Wagner Vice President, Immunology, Head of TCR Discovery & Validation, Immatics


  • Discovery and validation of TCR molecules suited to adoptive cell therapy of bispecific modalities
  • Distinguishing attributes of each TCR modality to identify advantages and areas of strength
  • Sharing insights from the clinical ACTengine® trial

4:15 pm Unlocking Allogeneic TCR Therapies to Pursue Wider Treatment Capability

  • Birgit Schultes Senior Vice President & Head Of Cell Therapies, Intellia Therapeutics


  • Achieving a durable allogeneic response to promote tumor persistence
  • Preventing graft versus host disease to inhibit toxicity in vivo
  • Ensuring TCR scalability to addressing off-the-shelf manufacturing

4:45 pm Close of Conference Day One