Discover the Latest in Cutting-Edge TCR Development

Covering the most exciting developments and promising clinical data, the TCR-based Therapies Summit will propel your research ahead in 2020 with optimized target identification, supercharged T-cell modifications and insights to the future of manufacturing. For leaders in the TCR space, this is not a meeting to be missed!

TCR therapies have massive potential in personalized medicine but significant progress is necessary to make them a viable treatment. At the TCR-Based Therapies Summit 2020, address these challenges together to make TCR therapy a clinical reality.

Join the TCR-Based Therapies Summit online this October to discover solutions to:

Gavin MacBeath TScan

Gavin MacBeath

Chief Scientific Officer

TScan Therapeutics

    • Identify the best targets whilst minimizing off-target effects

TScan Therapeutics will present optimized workflows for target selection and assay development to revolutionize personalized immunotherapy


Steffen Walter

Chief Scientific Officer

Immatics US

    • Bring autologous therapies to the clinic

Leaders from Immatics will provide an overview of therapeutics success and explore the relative merits of allogenic, autologous, and potential off-the-shelf therapies of the future


Cheng Liu

Chief Executive Officer

Eureka Therapeutics

    • Leverage the natural biology of TCRs in oncology

Eureka Therapeutics will discuss strategies to supercharge TCRs against the hostile tumor microenvironment and create homogenous T cell populations.

The TCR-Based Therapies Summit is the only forum for TCR-dedicated discussion. Join these industry leaders to tackle the greatest challenges in TCR therapies and accelerate your solutions to the clinic.

For more details about the program, speaker faculty or pricing and discounts, download the brochure.