9.00am - 4.15pm EST | 6.00am - 1.15pm PST

9:00 am Virtual Coffee & Networking

9:25 am Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Assessing Novel Strategies to Enhance Function in TCR-T & Drive Success in Solid Tumors

9:30 am Using the Natural TCR as a Strategy to Penetrate Solid Tumors


Demonstrate different structure and biology of TAC T cells compared to
other T cell therapies

Pursuit of TAC T cells in multiple solid tumor types

Opportunity to develop TAC T cells as optimal Adoptive Cell Therapy

10:00 am Helping TCR-Ts Meet the Challenges of the TME


  • Antigens/Epitopes contribute to success
  • TCR sensitivity is of critical importance
  • Enhanced TCR-Ts can overcome multiple hurdles

10:30 am Panel Discussion: Optimizing Development of Combination Approaches to Overcome the Solid Tumor Microenvironment


  • Exploring how to train T cells to overcome immune defence and survive in the low-nutrient, acidic and hypoxic tumour microenvironment
  • Utilizing anti-PD1 antibody fragments secreted from T-cells after tumor interaction to overcome the local suppressive environment
  • Profiling metabolic TME immuno-suppressive mechanisms through use of novel technology platforms

11:00 am “Unbiased Discovery of Novel Targets for TCR-T using TargetScan”


  • T-cell targets of recovering COVID-19 patients were first discovered using a high-throughput, whole-genome reporter system
  • Discovery of epitope targets in solid tumors is a major limitation for immunotherapy
  • TScan’s system has discovered over 40 novel, shared cancer targets to date in solid tumors

11:30 am Morning Break

New Frontiers in Cancer Immunotherapy: Advancing Soluble TCRs for T Cell Activation

12:00 pm Towards Safer, More Effective and Persistent T-Cell Therapies Against Solid Tumors: Targeting Intracellular Tumor Antigens with TCR-Mimic Antibody Redirected Antibody TCR (AbTCR) T-cell Therapy

  • Cheng Liu Founder & CEO, Eureka Therapeutics


  • Targeting intracellular, tumor specific antigens by a TCR-mimic antibody (TCRm) with high affinity and specificity
  • ARTEMIS® Antibody TCR (AbTCR) platform represents a novel CAR-TCR hybrid with optimal signaling strength of CAR and TCR
  • Safety and efficacy validation of TCRm redirected T cells going after Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma

12:30 pm TCR Mimics as a Platform for Soluble Therapeutic Agents

  • David Scheinberg Chairman, Molecular Pharmacology Program; & Experimental Therapeutics Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


  • Monoclonal antibodies can be constructed with specificities that mimic a TCR
  • The advantages and disadvantages of such platforms are described

1:00 pm Panel Discussion: Exploring the Potential of Soluble TCR Therapies to Redirect and Activate T Cells

  • Cheng Liu Founder & CEO, Eureka Therapeutics
  • David Scheinberg Chairman, Molecular Pharmacology Program; & Experimental Therapeutics Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Paul Lammers President & CEO, Triumvira Immunologics


  • How do we enhance receptor-target interactions to develop safe and efficacious soluble TCR products?
  • Beyond survival benefit, how do we define the clinical response rate to determine success in phase 3 clinical trials?
  • What are the lessons that we have taken from antibodies?

1:30 pm Virtual Speed Networking


Reinventing the face-to-face networking in the virtual world. We will pair you up with fellow attendees to break the ice and make new and lasting connections!

2:00 pm Lunch Break

Increasing Efficacy of TCRs to Optimize Next Generation Immunotherapy

3:00 pm Clinical Update: Highlighting the Outcome of a Clinical Trial with TCR-T targeting NYESO1

  • Marcus Butler Medical Oncologist, Tumor Immunotherapy Program, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre


  • Using small inhibitory RNA to downregulate the endogenous T cell receptors
  • Clinical results of an investigator initiated in house manufactured clinical trial
  • TCR T product showing efficacy targeting NYESO1

3:30 pm Exploring Novel Approaches to Reducing Manufacturing Cost and Time


  • Maximizing T cell quality to increase efficacy, lower required cell counts and reduce the cost of manufacture
  • Exploring innovative manufacturing methods during process development, to seamlessly scale up and improve processes post-approval with minimal costs

4:00 pm Chairman’s Closing Remarks

4:15 pm Close of Summit

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