The TCR-based Therapies Summit is Dedicated to Supercharging TCR Design, Translation & Manufacturing Strategy for Solid Tumor Success

The TCR-based Therapies Summit is the leading industry-focused meeting dedicated to supercharging the expanded TCR repertoire through enhanced target specificity, density and binding affinity for solid tumor indications.

Join this exclusive community online to virtually network and learn from the leading experts in pharma, biotech and academia, as we discuss how to how to overcome on-target off-tumor toxicity, enhance the binding affinity and avidity of TCR-T therapies and utilize dual targeting and combination approaches for enhanced efficacy.

Explore the identification of novel targets, the importance of safety profiling, and discuss optimization of soluble approaches for the development of next-generation TCR-T products.

Helping Deliver Best-In-Class TCR Therapies

Join experts as they discuss the design, efficacy and clinical development of TCR therapeutics for solid tumor indications and beyond.

  • Optimize your TCR therapy approach
  • Explore novel combination strategies
  • Arm your cells against the hostile tumor microenvironment
  • Improve target selection and off-target validation
  • Explore the future of manufacturing for next-generation TCRs


“Hanson Wade’s CAR-TCR summit has been already the leading specialized conference in the field – what a great suggestion to set up a dedicated forum for the rapidly growing TCR-T area.”

Steffen Walter, Chief Scientific Office, Immatics US

2021 World-Class Speaker Faculty

Dolores Schendel


Medigene AG

Gang Zeng


T-Cure Biosciences Inc.

Mohammed Dar



Reagan Jarvis



Reno Debets

Founder & CSO, Professor

Pan Cancer T, Erasmus MC Cancer Institute

Cheng Liu

Founder & CEO

Eureka Therapeutics

Gavin Macbeath


TScan Therapeutics

Leah Sibener

Co-founder, Head of Therapeutic Discovery

3T Biosciences

Raffaele Baffa


Ziopharm Oncology

Shannon Oda

Assistant Professor

Seattle Children’s Research Institute & University of Washington

“TCR-based Therapeutics and their targets are the next frontier in expanding the scope of cancer immunotherapy by providing access to currently undruggable oncogenic proteins."

David A. Scheinberg, Chairman, Molecular Pharmacology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center