Pre-Conference Workshop Day - Monday June 27, | 9.00am - 4.00pm

In-depth, interactive sessions covering key components of TCR therapies

Workshop A

Autologous vs Allogeneic: Assess Which Method is Best Suited to TCR-based Therapies to Build Forward Planning

9:00am - 12:00pm 

Although autologous TCR-based therapies are effective, problems are being identified with high cost and long manufacturing times. An off-the-shelf TCR therapy could decrease both expenses and vein-to-vein time, however further improvements are needed to improve safety and efficacy.

Attend this discussion session to:

• Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of autologous and allogeneic to find potential areas for development for each
• Assess whether some targets are best suited to one type of therapy
• Utilize allogeneic approaches to manage TCR-therapy scale-up and accelerate TCR-therapy manufacturing


Workshop Leaders:

Gang Zeng
James Clements

Gang Zeng
President & CEO
T-Cure Bioscience Inc.

James Clements
Senior Director, Cell Therapy Immunology

Workshop B

Reviewing Strategies to Overcome the Solid Tumor Microenvironment to Mediate Effective Tumor Infiltration

1:00 - 4:00pm 

TCR-based therapies are a game changer when it comes to treating solid tumors. However, the tumor microenvironment is still creating a barrier to TCR infiltration. Cell engineering techniques are now being harnessed to improve cell fitness and persistence to overcome cell exhaustion, but various methods exist, each with their own benefits and downfalls.

Attend this discussion session to learn about:

• Understanding the properties of the tumor microenvironment to recognize the interaction with T cells and to gauge the best methods to conquer it
• Boosting TCR infiltration through cell engineering to diminish cell exhaustion in vivo
• Exploring cell engineering approaches involving TGF-beta, ILs, immune checkpoint
inhibitors and cell activation to recognize their ability to improve cell fitness
• Evaluating the pros and cons of each method to identify which technique suits various TCR therapy and target types
• Engineering structural changes to TCRs that boost anti-tumor activity while maintaining antigen specificity, reducing T cell dysfunction, and enhancing persistence

Workshop Leaders:

Franco Marincola
Eduardo Davila

Franco Marincola
SVP, Global Head of Research 
Kite Pharma

Eduardo Davila
Professor, Dept of Medicine
University of Colorado
Comprehensive Cancer Center