Shannon Oda

Shannon Oda

Company: Seattle Children’s Research Institute & University of Washington

Job title: Assistant Professor


Mastermind Session: Looking Beyond HLA2 to Reach Wider Patient Populations 2:00 pm

How do we address broader population needs with regards to cell therapies? Discussing how to address patient needs beyond the HLA2 typeRead more

day: Focus Day

Break Out Audience Discussion: Investigating the Potential of Genetic Engineering to Address T Cell Exhaustion 11:20 am

Modulating the tumor microenvironment Preventing programmed T cell exhaustion Enhancing tumor recognition and potentiating type I interferon responses Combining epigenetic approaches to enhance immunotherapyRead more

day: Focus Day

Engineering T cells to Overcome Inhibitory Obstacles and Engage the Endogenous Immune Response 10:50 am

Synthetic proteins can be engineered to deliver strong costimulatory signals Therapy with TCR-T cells armored with synthetic proteins results in altered endogenous immunityRead more

day: Focus Day

Increasing T Cell Fitness and Persistence to Enhance In Vivo Targeting Ability 4:45 pm

• Diminishing T cell exhaustion to strengthen targeting ability of the TCR • Engineering fewer cells with increased potency to expand targeting time and aid manufacturing efforts • Constructing T cells with memory to further prolong TCR exposure to the targetRead more

day: Day One

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