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About Us

Promega offers a broad portfolio of functional bioassay products and services for the characterization and potency testing of biologics.  Our MOA-based bioassays are used to measure antibody Fc effector activity (e.g. ADCC, ADCP), immune checkpoint modulation, T cell retargeting (e.g. bispecific Abs, CAR-T and TCR-T therapies), target cell killing, cytokine modulation, vaccine-elicited NAb activity, and viral vector potency.


Visit our Biologics Resources Page to view our latest scientific presentations and contact our scientists to discuss how our technologies and services can accelerate your research!

Team Members


Vanessa Ott

Manager - Biologics



Jey Cheng

Group Leader and Senior Scientist


Gopal Krishnan

Sr. Global Product Manager- Bioassays