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About Us

Immudex is a life science company providing solutions for cellular immune monitoring within immune-oncology, infectious disease, transplantation, and autoimmunity.

With our Dextramer® and dCODE Dextramer® technologies, we provide researchers and clinicians worldwide with reliable tools to accurately monitor the cellular immune response. Immudex products are used for T/B cell monitoring, TCR/BCR recognition and clonotype, gene expression and multi-omics, screening of TCR/BCR specificity, clinical immune monitoring (GMP), and cell therapy.

Team Members

Stephen Haley

Stephen Haley, PhD

Vice President AMER and Global Strategic Liaison

Nikki Nguyen

Nikki Nguyen, PhD

Immune Monitoring Specialist

Mohammad Salem

Mohammad Salem, PhD

European Market Development Manager

Gemma Figueras

Gemma Figueras, PhD

Global Marketing Manager