Download the TCR-based Therapies Summit Agenda

CAR T therapies have shown life-saving success in hematological indications, but are yet to show good efficacy in solid tumors.

A new wave of cell immunotherapy may be set to dominate solid tumor indications as TCR-based therapies are charged to invade the hostile microenvironment and tackle tumor indications.

This is your opportunity to gain the know-how across cell immunotherapy with in-depth discussion and insights from pioneers of this exciting new field.

Gain exclusive insights and network with industry leaders at the only TCR-Based Therapies Summit designed to optimize your TCR approach, enhance target selection & accelerate your therapy into the clinic, bringing life-saving therapy to patients who need it the most.

Download the Event Guide to discover:

  • Never-before seen data from novel companies
  • Collaboration with experts in 2 deep-dive workshop sessions on TCR preclinical development & Manufacturing and Logistics
  • 2 open panel discussions with industry leaders

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Top Speakers Include:

Laurence Cooper

Chief Executive Officer

Ziopharm Oncology

Robert Hofmeister

Chief Scientific Officer


Cheng Liu

Chief Executive Officer

Eureka Therapeutics

Gavin MacBeath

Chief Scientific Officer

TScan Therapeutics

David Scheinberg

Chairman, Molecular Pharmacology

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Pete Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Affinity Bio

Steffen Walter

Chief Scientific Officer

Immatics US