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TCR Interview Namir

An Interview Chat With Namir Hassan, CEO, Zelluna Immunotherapy

In this exclusive interview, Namir discusses:

  • The biggest hurdles in the development of solid tumor treatment
  • How Zelluna Immunotherapy are trying to overcome these challenges
  • How Zelluna's work with TCRs and NK cells is unique and more!
Overview of TCR Field Thumbnail

An Overview of the TCR Field: Challenges & Current Progress

TCR-based therapies hold great potential for treatment options in solid tumor indications. This TCR package is a must-read to prepare you, covering:

  • YoY growth of TCR-T trials
  • Breakdown of trials by antigen type
  • Overview of the key challenges in TCR-T development
  • The who’s who of TCR-T problem-solving
  • Phase distribution of TCR-T trials and competitive landscape
TCR-based Therapies Summit - Gang Zeng Q&A-1

Industry Insights - Gang Zeng

Finding T-Cure: A CEO’s vision for the future of adoptive cell immunotherapy