9.00am - 5.30pm EST | 6.00am - 2.30pm PST

Utilizing Novel Experimental & Computational Techniques to Supercharge Target Discovery

9:00 am Online Registration & Virtual Coffee

9:25 am Chair’s Opening Remark

9:30 am Overcoming Challenges of Classical TCR Targets with Novel, MR1 Cancer-Specific TCRs

  • Rachel Abbott Senior Director, Head of TCR Pipeline and Dark Antigen Research, Enara Bio


  • Overview of the advances and potential patient benefit of TCR-based therapies
  • Highlight challenges associated with traditional TCR targets, such as HLA restriction and antigen expression
  • Introduce MR1 as an HLA-like target that appears to present cancerspecific ligands
  • Present data and potential high-level development plans for TCRtargeting of MR1 in cancer

10:00 am Industry Leaders Fireside Chat – What Does the Future Hold for TCR therapies?


  • The hotly anticipated Industry Leader’s Fireside Chat will discuss the huge progress being made in the TCR therapeutic space. This session will explore the lessons we can takes from CAR-T, and will shed clarity on the priorities of the trailblazing companies in this field, whilst also touching upon the challenges faced with manufacturing costs, and regulatory requirements

10:40 am HLA/Peptide Ligands for Immune Therapy

11:00 am Speed Networking


Reinventing the face-to-face networking in the virtual world. We will pair you up with fellow attendees to break the ice and make new and lasting connections!

11:30 am Morning Break

Utilizing Novel Techniques for Development of Next Generation TCR therapies

12:00 pm Identification and Testing Of Novel Cancer-Restricted Targets and their TCRS to Develop Safe and Effective T-Cell Treatment

  • Reno Debets Founder & CSO, Professor, Pan Cancer T, Erasmus MC Cancer Institute


  • To fully exploit the therapeutic potential of TCR-T cells, we use our platform to:
  • Limit toxicity attributed to recognition of identical or highly similar targets outside cancers
  • Deliver shared intracellular targets that are cancer-selective to treat large cohorts of patients
  • Counteract the immune-suppressive nature of tumor microenvironments

12:30 pm Developing Quantitative Cell-based Bioassays to Enable the Discovery and Development of TCR-based Immunotherapies

  • Jey Cheng Senior Research Scientist, Promega


We have developed a platform of bioluminescent cell-based bioassays to enable the discovery and development of TCR-based immunotherapies.

TCRαβ-deficient Reporter T Cells are designed for the screening and characterization of antigen-specific therapeutic TCRs without the interference of endogenous TCRs.

Specifically, CD4+ or CD8+ TCRαβ-deficient cell lines enable the screening of therapeutic TCRs designed against MHCI- or MHCII-dependent antigens.

A novel HiBiT-based target cell killing assay applies HiBiT complementation technology to measure target cell-specific killing by cytotoxic T cell transduced with therapeutic TCRs. The assay is simple, fast and has low spontaneous release.

The LUMIT Cytokine Immunoassays utilize NanoBiT™ complementation technology and NanoBiT-labeled antibodies to measure cytokine production from activated cytotoxic T cell transduced with therapeutic TCRs. These assays show linear correlation between assay signal and cytokine level.


1:00 pm Application of the DARPin® Technology for Specific Targeting of Peptide: MHC Complexes


Discussing DARPin® proteins that represent a compelling alternative to specifically target peptide MHC complexes:

They are highly potent and specific

Favorable properties of the DARPin® proteins enable fast and straight forward manufacturing, facilitating the developability

1:30 pm Tools for the detailed structural and functional analysis of antigen-specific T cells

  • Stephen Haley Vice President AMER and Global Strategic Liaison, Immudex


  1. Dextramer® technology is currently active in the TCR space
  2. Clinical grade reagents are available
  3. dCODE Dextramer® as a route to multiomics analysis of target T cells
  4. Custom products and projects relevance to TCR field

1:40 pm Lunch Break & Exhibition Booths


Grab some lunch and explore the exhibition booths to see all that our wonderful partners have to offer!

Exploring the Success of TIL & NK Therapy to Optimize Development of Efficacious TCR-T Products

2:30 pm TCR-NK: A Unique Approach to Allogeneic Off the Shelf Cell Therapy Treatment of Solid Cancers


  • The TCR-NK platform: bringing the solid tumor targeting benefits of TCRs and the highly potent off-the shelf killing mechanism of NK cells
  • Developing a pipeline of TCR-NK products against well-validated TCR antigens

3:00 pm Leveraging the Insights Gained from TIL Therapy to Improve TCR-T


  • Exploring the success of TIL therapy in the context of solid tumors and how it has addressed the issue of tumor heterogeneity
  • How to leverage TCR therapies across a population in terms of diversity?
  • How to address tumor heterogeneity with regards to solid tumor efficacy?

3:30 pm Afternoon Break & Poster Session

Safety Profiling & Toxicity Management to Mitigate Patient Risk in the Clinic

4:00 pm Identification of Novel pHLA Targets for Solid Tumor Targeting with High Potency Modalities


  • Advantages of intracellular targets (pHLAs) versus conventional cell surface antigens
  • Strategies to find the most prevalent and immunogenic targets in tumors of CPI responders
  • Selection of pHLA targets with highest tumor vs normal ratios to avoid off-tumor toxicities

4:30 pm Identifying The On And Off Targets Of TCR Based Agents

  • David Scheinberg Chairman, Molecular Pharmacology Program; & Experimental Therapeutics Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


  • TCR’s are highly promiscuous leading to potential toxicities
  • Empirical methods to determine the potential targets of TCR-based agents are described

5:00 pm Engineered Cell Platforms For Profiling Off-Target TCR Allo- Reactivity And Cross-Reactivity


  • Precise characterization of TCR off-target activity is critical to success of TCR-based cellular therapies
  • Utilization of engineered cell platforms as analytical tools enables high-precision characterization of allo-reactivity and cross-reactivity phenomena
  • Anocca’s assay technologies reveal fundamental insights into molecular basis of allo- and cross- reactivity

5:30 pm Chairman’s Closing Remarks & Close of Day 1