8am - 4.00pm EDT | 5am - 1.00pm PDT

9:00 am Online Registration & Virtual Coffee

9:15 am Chair’s Opening Remark

Utilizing Novel Experimental & Computational Techniques to Supercharge Target Discovery

9:30 am Overcoming Challenges of Classical TCR Targets with Novel, MR1 Cancer-Specific TCRs


  • Overview of the advances and potential patient benefit of TCR-based therapies
  • Highlight challenges associated with traditional TCR targets, such as HLA restriction and antigen expression
  • Introduce MR1 as an HLA-like target that appears to present cancerspecific ligands
  • Present data and potential high-level development plans for TCRtargeting of MR1 in cancer

10:00 am Discovering TCRs Through Physical Reporters


  • T-cell targets of recovering COVID-19 patients were first discovered using a high-throughput, whole-genome reporter system
  • Discovery of epitope targets in solid tumors is a major limitation for immunotherapy
  • TScan’s system has discovered over 40 novel, shared cancer targets to date in solid tumors

10:30 am Industry Leaders Fireside Chat – What Does the Future Hold for TCR therapies?


  • The hotly anticipated Industry Leader’s Fireside Chat will discuss the huge progress being made in the TCR therapeutic space. This session will explore the lessons we can takes from CAR-T, and will shed clarity on the priorities of the trailblazing companies in this field, whilst also touching upon the challenges faced with manufacturing costs, and regulatory requirements

11:00 am Virtual Speed Networking & Morning Break


Reinventing the face-to-face networking in the virtual world. We will pair you up with fellow attendees to break the ice and make new and lasting connections!

Utilizing Novel Techniques for Development of Next Generation TCR therapies

12:00 pm Identification and Testing Of Novel Cancer-Restricted Targets and their TCRS to Develop Safe and Effective T-Cell Treatment

  • Reno Debets Professor, Laboratory of Tumor Immunology, Department of Medical Oncology, Chief Scientific Officer, Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, Pan Cancer T B.V.


  • To fully exploit the therapeutic potential of TCR-T cells, we use our platform to:
  • Limit toxicity attributed to recognition of identical or highly similar targets outside cancers
  • Deliver shared intracellular targets that are cancer-selective to treat large cohorts of patients
  • Counteract the immune-suppressive nature of tumor microenvironments

12:30 pm Session Details to be Confirmed

1:00 pm Application of the DARPin® Technology for Specific Targeting of Peptide: MHC Complexes


  • DARPin® proteins represent a compelling alternative to specifically target peptide MHC complexes
  • There are highly potent and specific
  • The have a fast and solid development path allowing good ‘developability’

1:30 pm Lunch & Networking

Exploring the Success of TIL & NK Therapy to Optimize Development of Efficacious TCR-T Products

2:30 pm TCR-NK: A Unique Approach to Allogeneic Off the Shelf Cell Therapy Treatment of Solid Cancers


  • The TCR-NK platform: bringing the solid tumor targeting benefits of TCRs and the highly potent off-the shelf killing mechanism of NK cells
  • Developing a pipeline of TCR-NK products against well-validated TCR antigens

3:00 pm Leveraging the Insights Gained from TIL Therapy to Improve 15-T


  • Exploring the success of TIL therapy in the context of solid tumors and how it has addressed the issue of tumor heterogeneity
  • How to leverage TCR therapies across a population in terms of diversity?
  • How to address tumor heterogeneity with regards to solid tumor efficacy?

3:30 pm Afternoon Break & Poster Session

3:40 pm

Safety Profiling & Toxicity Management to Mitigate Patient Risk in the Clinic

4:00 pm Identification of Novel pHLA Targets for Solid Tumor Targeting with High Potency Modalities


  • Advantages of intracellular targets (pHLAs) versus conventional cell surface antigens
  • Strategies to find the most prevalent and immunogenic targets in tumors of CPI responders
  • Selection of pHLA targets with highest tumor vs normal ratios to avoid off-tumor toxicities

4:30 pm Identifying The On And Off Targets Of TCR Based Agents

  • David Scheinberg Chairman, Molecular Pharmacology Program; & Experimental Therapeutics Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


  • TCR’s are highly promiscuous leading to potential toxicities
  • Empirical methods to determine the potential targets of TCR-based agents are described

5:00 pm Engineered Cell Platforms For Profiling Off-Target TCR Allo- Reactivity And Cross-Reactivity


  • Precise characterization of TCR off-target activity is critical to success of TCR-based cellular therapies
  • Utilization of engineered cell platforms as analytical tools enables high-precision characterization of allo-reactivity and cross-reactivity phenomena
  • Anocca’s assay technologies reveal fundamental insights into molecular basis of allo- and cross- reactivity

5:30 pm Chairman’s Closing Remarks & Close of Day 1

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